Myanmar Ralkap Pawl Hotu Ih Nupi Covid-19 In A Dam Lo, Than Shwe Tei Innsang Khalah Nathrik A Darh

Kum 61 mi General Soe Win cu Myanmar ralkap pawl hotu, pahnihnak Vice-Senior ṭuanlai a si. An Chairman cu Min Aung Hlaing a si, Soe Win ih nupi Daw Than Than Nwe cu Covid-19 a positive ih a thinphang tuk.

An innsang member 5 in Covid-19 nathik an nei ih General Soe Win in a nei le nei lo cu theih a si lo. Daw Than Than Nwe cu damlo bese ciamco a si hrih lo, oxygen khal pek a ṭul hrih lo nan thih ding a ṭih tuk ruangah oxygen a bunaw ringring.

Myanmar ralkap pawl ih an rinsanmi Than Shwe tei innsang khalah Covid-19 a darh thu theih a si. Kum 88 mi Than Shwe tei inn Kyaukse ah sibawi le nurse pawl cu PPE kor hruh in an lut/suak ringring, an buai thei zet tin vengsung mipi pawlin an rel.

Than Shwe cu Kyaukse ih an inn ah maw, Naypyidaw ih an inn ah aum ti cu an thei lo. Kyaukse ih an inn ah aum asilen Covid-19 in a damlo a si ding ti an zum.

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