“Myanmar Ram Ah NUG Lo, A Dang Cozah Aum Lo” Japan

“Myanmar ramsung, 2020 kum ih an hriltling mi pawl cu leitlun in a theifiang ih a cohlang. NUG cozah cu kan rinsan ngam ih Myanmar ramsung ah NUG lo, a dang cozah aum lo” tin Japan rampi aiawh member, Myanmar-Japan rualpi ṭha sinak pawlkom ih Chairman Mr.Ichiro Aisawa in a rel.

July 6, 2021 ah NUG upa pawl le Japanese Parliament member pawl cu online parah an tongaw khawm ih thurel tlangnak an nei.

Mr.Ichiro Aisawa in “Ralkap in hrilawknak diklo mawhpuh in thuneihnak an la cu kan cohlang thei lo a si. Myanmar ramsung hrilawknak cu a dik ko tin leitlun in a pom, hriltling mi pawl le mipi komkhawm ih dinmi NUG cozah cu kan zum a si. Myanmar ramsung ah midang cozah an um lo’ a ti.

Cun, NUG cozah cu an bawm vivo tum thu le ralkap cozah cu an bawm tum lo thu pawl a rel. Leitlun ramdang pawl khal Myanmar ralkap hnenah ralthuam pawl zuarh nawn lo dingin forhfialnak anei.

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