Myanmar Ram Nuaitu Covid-19 Ih Thuhla, A Ṭihnung Cuang

May thla sung ihsin Covid-19 in Myanmar ram a nuai ciamco sal ih damlo le mithi khal an tam zet zo. Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS) pawlin ziangvek nathrik a si ding tin an zingzoi rero hnuah June 15 zanah a thuhla cu an phuangsuak.

Covid-19 suak thar a si ih India, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland le Switzerland ram pawl rak nuaitu Covid-19 phun a si. Myanmar ram nuaitu Covid-19 cu Alpha, Delta le Kappa a si ih a ṭihnung zet.

MOHS in an zingzoinak ah damlo 11 sungah Alpha, Delta le Kappa nathrik an hmu, damlo pawl umnak cu Kalaymyo ah pakhat, Myeik ah pathum, Mandalay ah pali, Tamu ah pahnih le Yangon ah pakhat an si.

Alpha, Delta le Kappa timi Covid-19 nathrik cu kaiawk sawng a awl cuang ih damlo pawl cu an thi lohli. June 15 tiangah Myanmar ramsung ah Covid-19 natnei 146,051 zat ngankhum a si ih mithi 3,248 zat an um zo.

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