Naute A Suah Veten Covid-19 In Arak Hmuak Ih A Hmetthat

Myanmar ramsung ah Covid-19 thlisia a hrang ciamco ih upa nauhak khal thleidang loin a hmetthat vivo.

Covid-19 in minung tam zet a that zo nan a duhtawk hrih cuang lo ih mithat ding a hawl rero lai. Kayin State, Thingannyinaung District Hospital ih piang naute khal a suah veten Covid-19 a kai hngal ih a tuar thei lo ruangah a thi.

Hringtu a nu cu Covid-19 in a damlo cia ih a bese tuk ruangah a faniang ruak khal a tuamhlawm thei lo ih, mibawmtu pawlkom in an vuiliam.

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