Nulepai Ro Thuhla Ah Unau 5 An Sualaw Ciamco Ih Pakhat A Thi

Sagaing, Salingyi Township, Hpaungkata khua ih thilthleng hi a rapthlak zet. Unau 5 cu an nulepai ih ro thuhla ah an hmuhthiam aw lo ih an sualaw ciamco.

Vanduai thlak zetin a hmun ah pakhat a thi ih pakhat in hliamhma nazet a tuar. Midang 3 khal hliamhma an tuar ih siizung ah an tuamhlawm rero lai.

An nulepai in ro thilri an zem ih an zemdan ah lungawi lo an um, a mil’aw lo tuk tin lungawi lo an um. November 18, 2021 zan ah ṭongkam an el’aw cimaco ih an sualaw. Tualsung mi in, “Nulepai ro thilri an zemaw ih ṭongkam an el’aw, an zaten hliamhma an tuar thluh.

Mipa 3 an si ih nunau 2 an si, mipa pakhat cu a hmun ah a thi, mipa pakhat khal hliamhma nazet a tuar ih a nunnak hrang seherh um dinhmun a si. Midang pawl khal siizung ah an tuamhlawm rero lai” a ti.

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