PDF In Bomb In Ralkap Motor 7 An Kap Ih Hliamtuar Le Mithi 80 Hrawng An Um

Sagaing, Kawlin ramsung ihsin Myitkyina fehnak lamzin ah PDF pawlin ralkap motor 7 cu bomb in an rak kap ciamco ih ralkap motor 3 cu an kap puak ruangah mithi le hiamtuar 80 hrawng an um.

Tualsung mi pakhat in “August 30 zinglam nazi 10 hrawngah Kawlin ihsin Myitkyina lam fehnak lamzin, Kyun Taw khua kiangah ralkap motor 7 cu an rak kap. Motor 3 an kap ngah, motor pakhat ah ralkap 30 hrawng an to.

Motor 3 a si ruangah minung 80 hrawng an si ding, mithi le hliamtuar pawl cu motor sung ihsin an thiarsuak rero lai. PDF pawl ih cangvaihnak a si” a ti.

Khuasung mipi pawlin ralkap thi an tam zet ding ti an zum, PDF lam 3 in hliam an tuar ve ih hlawhtling zetin dung an sip lawk. Kawlin ramsung, Kyun Taw khua kiangih kahawknak a thleng ruangah ralkap 200 lenglo an va thlengsal ih umhmun an khuar.

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