Puithiam Upa In ‘Puithiam Pawl Hi Nupi Neih Siang Sehla A Ṭha Ding, An Hringnun Hrangah A Ṭha Ding’ A Ti

German ramsung ih Roman Catholic Church hruaitu, puithiam upa Cardinal Reinhard Marx (kum 68) in, “Puithiam pawl hi nupi neih siang sehla a ṭha ding, ṭhenkhat puithiam pawl cu nupi nei sehla an hrangah a ṭha zet ding ti ka zum.

Nupa-sinak thuhla lawngah siloin an hringnun hrangah a ṭha ding, an umhar nawn lo ding. Himi thuhla cu kan reltlang a ṭul leh ding” a ti. Roman Catholic puithiam pawl hi nupi nei lo dingin an tinak cu khuahlanlai Medieval Era san lai ihsin a si.

Puithiam pawl khal minung an si ve thotho ruangah nupa-sinak thuhla ah buainak a suak ringring. 1945-2019 kum sungah nupa-sinak thubuai 500 lenglo an ngankhum.

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