Ralbawi Pakhat In “Vote Rutu Cu Kanmah Ralkap Pawl Kan Si” Tin A Phuang Aw

Myanmar ralkap pawlin 2020 November hrilawknak ah vote diklo aum tin Myanmar ramsung buainak an rak tuah thok.

Asinan, vote diklo tuahtu cu anmah thotho an si ti ralbawi pakhat in June 7, 2021 zan ah a phuangaw. Ralbawi ih hmin cu Thet Naing Aung a si ih Kachin, Mikyina, Airforce ralbawi pakhat a si.

Thet Naing Aung in “Kan dung hrilawknak ih vote rutu cu kanmah ralkap pawl kan si. Ahlan khan ih vote thlaknak ah ralkap pakhat in vote pakhat aitam kan rak thlak. Vote tampi thlak dingin in fial.

Ahlan khan vote tampi kan rak ru. Vote diklo tampi kan tuah. Kan duhmi khal vote kan pe ve thei lo, tlunlam ih in fialmi pawl lawng vote kan pe” a ti.

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