Ralhrang Helicopter Tla Ah Mi 5 In Hliam An Tuar

Tuizing March 29, 2022 zinglam nazi 9:30 hrawngah ralhrang helicopter pakhat cu Hakha khua, Cawbuk kiangah a tla.

Mit hmutu pakhat in, “Ralhrang helicopter in Cawbuk saklam ih um farkung a pah ngah ih a tla, helicopter cu a puak lo. Farkung cu a kiak thluh” a ti.

Himi helicopter cu Kalaymyo ihsin University luh theinak Question cahnah pawl phurtu a si, helicopter tla ruangah mi 5 in hliamhma an tuar thu ralhrang aiawh ih thuphuangtu Zaw Min Tun in a phuang.

Helicopter tlaknak ruangah mithi cu an um lo, ralkap 2 le fimthiamnak ih ṭuanvo neitu 3 cu seherh um loin hliamhma malte an tuar. University luh theinak Question cahnah pawl khal a siat lo ih helicopter cu motor in an dirsuak thei.

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