Ralhrang In Helicopter In Tedim Peng An Kahnak Ah “Mung No” A Nunnak Liam

Tuizing January 22, 2022 zinglam ah ralhrang pawlin Tedim peng Hiangzing khua kiangkap hrawng cu helicopter in an kap ciamco.

Hiangzing khuasung ah ralhrang 50 lenglo cu tualsung mipi kilhimtu tangkhawm in an hrentang ih zarhkhat lenglo an kapaw zo.

Kalay University tlawnginn ih umhmun khuar ralhrang pawlin hmunhlapi kahnak pukpi in Hiangzing khua kiangkap cu an kap ciamco. Tuizing nazi 7:00 hrawngah ralhrang pawlin helicopter 2 an hmang ih an kahnak ah mipi ralkap Mung No a nunnak a liam.

Hiangzing khua sungih an hrentang mi ralhrang pawl runsuak dingin ralhrang pawl cu tlunlam le hnuailam ihsin an cangvai rero lai.

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