Ralhrang Pawlin ‘Chin National Day’ Tuah Dingin An Tawlrel

February 20, 2022 ah a vei 74-nak Laiphung Suah Ni (Chin National Day) hmang dingin an tawlrel rero lai thu ralhrang pawl ih retmi Chin State Minister U Kyaw Nyein in media hnenah a sim thei.

Minister U Kyaw Nyein in, “Thantlang tello, a dang khawpi (Township) 8 ah Chin National Day tuah dingin kan timlam aw. Tuiṭum ih kan tuah dingmi Chin National Day khal kumdang vek thotho in tuah kan tum, tuah lo aiin tuah pungsan a si.

Cozah hnaṭuan upa Union level Minister pawl cu kan sawm zo. District City ih puai tuahnak dingah ting 20, khawpi hrangah ting 15 tin puai tuah kan tum” a ti. Ralhrang pawl ih tuah dingmi Chin National Day ah khuasung mipi pawl tello dingin tualsung mipi kilhimtu pawlin forhfialnak an nei.

Tulai Chin ramsung ah tualsung mipi kilhimtu le ralhrang pawl hi nasa zetin an kapaw rero lai ruangah inn le lo suahsantu mipi khal an tam zet.

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