Ralhrang Pawlin Kalaymyo Peng UG Sakhan An Urkang Ih A Kiang Ih Lo Hnaṭuan Mi (2) An Kap That

Ralhrang pawlin Kalaymyo pengsung ih um mipi ralkap UG (Underground Group) sakhan cu August 16, 2022 zinglam nazi 6:00 hrawngah an urkang. Sakhan kiang ih lo hnaṭuan mi pahnih khal an kap that.

Sakhan sungih um tuahcop meithal pakhat, phone le thilri bungrua pawl kan sung tin PDF-Kalay battalion (2) in an tarlang. Sakhan sungih um mipi ralkap pawl cu an tlansuak man.

Ralhrang 50 lenglo an si ih khuasung inn pahnih an urkang. An urkang mi inn pahnih cu mipi ralkap pawl kilkhawitu an si.

Dalan in ralhrang pawl hnenah an umnak inn cu pakhat hnu pakhat a sim thei ih an urkang. Ralhrang pawl cu Letpankhon khua ihsin Kalaymyo ralhrang sakhan ah an kirsal.

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