Ralkap Do Rero Tu KNDF In Mipi In An Tuar Tuk Ruangah Kan Cawl Lawk Ding An Ti

Kayah ramsung ah mipi kilhimtu The Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) le ralkap pawl nasa zetin an doaw ciamco zo.

Ralkap pawlin an neh thei lo ruangah khuasung mipi pawl parah an cangvai, an inn le lo an siatsuah ih mipi cu an kap ciamco. Ralkap le mipi kilhimtu pawl an doawknak ruangah khausung minung tingkhat lenglo cu raltlan in an um.

Curuangah mipi zawnruah in KNDF pawlin kahcawlhnak an neih lawk ding thu an phuang. Mipi in an tuar tuk ruangah remdaihnak pawlkom le sakhua lam upa pawlin kaphnih kahcawlhnak nei dingin an ngen ih KNDF in an cohlang.

Asinan, KNDF in “Lamzin phunphun in kan do vivo lai ding” tin an tarlang. Camkhat sung kahcawlhnak an nei lawk dingih, cumi sungah khuasung mipi pawl khal ei le in, humhim awkdan ding pawl rak ralring cia thepthep dingin an theihter.

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