Ralkap In NLD Party Hlonhlo A Tum, Culai Ah China In NLD Cu Meeting Telve Dingin A Sawm

Min Aung Hlaing kaihruai mi ralkap pawlin NLD party cu 2020 kum hrilawknak ah vote diklo in an cangvai an ti ruangah ramsung ah an party um nawn lo dingin an tawlrel rero lai.

NLD party cu hlonhlo an tum ih a sungá¹­uan pawl khal tapung cangvaihnak ah an tel tin an ruat thluh ih kai dingin an hawl rero lai. Culai ah Chinese Communist Party in NLD cu meeting telve dingin a sawm thu theih a si.

Southeast Asia, South Asia ramsung ih um party pawl tonkhawm awknak cu September 9, 2021 ah online fehtlang in an nei ding.

An thurel ding mi thupi cu ‘ramsung party pawl komkhawm aw in rampi a thangso theidan ding thupi a si’. CRPH sungih um NLD party member pakhat in “In sawm vekin NLD khal kan tel ding” a ti. Himi meeting ah Myanmar ramsung ihsin National League for Democracy (NLD) telin party 4 cu sawm an si. (#Mizzima)

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