Ralkap In Stay at Home An Phuang Ih Vahsuah Theinak Card An Zuar

Ayeyarwady, Myaungmya khua ah ralkap in Stay at Home (innsung ih um thluh ding) thu an phuang hnuah vahsuah theinak card an zuar vivo.

Vahsuah theinak card pakhat ah 500 in an zuar ih innkhat ah pakhat an leiter, card nei lo ih vaksuak pawl cu napin hremnak kan lo pe ding an ti. Tualsung mi pakhat in “Innkhat ah card pakhat an ra zuar ih 500 in dil.

Card khat ah 500 an ti, kan innsang member kan tam ruangah card dang kan dilsal ih an siang lo lawk. Sumpai dang kan pe ih card dang khal in pe hngal” a ti.

NLD cozah lai khalah vahsuah theinak card cu an rak tuah nan a man an la lo, emergency ih vaksuak duh pawl cu alakin card an rak pe, asinan ralkap cozah cun 500 in an zuar.

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