Khawmawi (Ṭio) Ah An Kapaw Ih CNDF 2 An Kai

India-Myanmar ramri Ṭio lilawn parah CNDF in thantar an zar ih March 25 ah a lar zet, mipi hna a ngamter.

March 26 zingpit nazi 5:00 hrawngah ralhrang pawlin CNDF umhmun khuarnak cu an va kap. Tualsung mipi pawlin meithal awn vei 30 hrawng an theih thu an rel.

Ralhrang pawlin CNDF sungtel pahnih an kai ih lilawn parih thantar khal an thlengsal. An kahawknak ah mithi le hliamtuar thuhla cu theih a si hrih lo.

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