RIP: Pacang Pakhat Cu Congor Rul In A Cuk That

Mizoram, Champhai district, Khuangthing khuami Pu Hrangchhunga (Kum 63) cu congor rul in a cuk that.

October 12, 2021 zing nazi 5:15 hrawngah meisa hmuah dingin a timlam, an topi kiang tokham sau hnuai ah congor rul arak um ih a ke vorhlam ah a cuk hnuah a kut ah a cuksal.

Khawbung PHC ah an tlanpi hngal nan an run man nawn lo, Pu Hrangchhunga cuktu congor rul hi a tum in a sau zet, feet 6 le inches 2 in a sau.

Pu Hrangchhunga le a nupi hi an pahnih lawng ih khuasa an si. Pu Hrangchhunga cu tuisun ah Khuangthing thlanmual ah an vuiliam ding. (#Mizo Special Report)

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