Rose Le Jennie In Kawlram Mipi Hnenah Bawmnak An Pe

South Korea hrambun ‘Miral Werfare’ pawlkom in Blackpink, Rose le Jennie hmin in Kawlram mipi pawl hnenah bawmnak an pe.

Ṭuanvo neitu in, “Myanmar ramsung ih harsatnak phunphun tong mipi pawl hrangah Won 15 million kan pe” tin a phuang. August 6 ah Jennie cu Choeaedol ah Charity Fairy tin hrilting a si.

Curuangah Choeaedol in Blackpink, Rose le Jennie pawl hrangah bawmnak ₩500k an hlan. Taksa, thluak damcak lo pawl hnen khalah bawmnak an pe ding. May le July thla ahkhan Jennie hmin in Ukrainia raltlan pawl hnenah bawmnak an rak pe zo.

August thla sungah Myanmar ram buainak ruangih harsatnak phunphun tong Myanmar tlawngta pawl hnenah bawmnak an pe ding. South Korea sumpai cun Won 15 million a si ih Kawlram cun tan 24 lenglo a si.

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