Russia-Ukraine Buainak Ruangah Min Aung Hlaing In Emergency Meeting A Ko, Myanmar Ramsung Ih Thilcang Theimi An Rel >>>

Russia-Ukraine ram buainak ruangah Min Aung Hlaing in February 26, 2022 sun ah emergency in meeting a ko thu cu hmin tarlang remlo pakhat in The Irrawaddy thuthang hnenah a sim thei.

An meeting-nak ahcun Russia in Ukraine ram ava siim vekin China in Myanmar ram hi a siim ve thei a ti. Ralhrang in, “Tui dinhmun ahcun China in Myamar ram a siim lo ding, asinan PDF pawlin ramsung ih um China sumdawngnak pawl an siatsuah vivo asilen China cu Myanmar ramsung ah lut tahratin a kap thei.

Curuangah ramsung ih um China sumdawngnak datsi le pianphung gas pawl hi kan kilhim sak a thupi tuk, PDF pawlin China sumdawngnak hi rak siatsuah an tum ringring ruangah a hlan hnak ih tamin ralkap kan thlah ding” a ti.

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