Siizung Ah Nau Ava Nei, A Kiangah A Sentecai Le A Nupi In Nau An Rak Nei Ve

Maddy Cifelli in nau aneih lai ih a thilton cu online parah a tarlang ih tular ahcun a lar zet. Nau nei dingin siizung ah ava feh ih nau aneihnak room ahcun a sentecai le a nupi thawn an umtlang khawm.

Maddy Cifelli in, “Ka pasal hlun a si lo, high school kan kailai ih ka tlangval a si. Siizung sung boruak cu a danglam thluh, kan mit in kan beaw rero. A nupi in a theithiam ih ziangtik lai caan khalah a kawk rero, ziang áš­ong ding khal ka thei lo ih ka um ringring” a ti.

Online mi pakhat in, “Ka unaupa khal a nupi thawn nau nei dingin siizung ah an va feh ih a nupi hlun khal nau nei dingin arak um ve. A nupi hlun ih naute khal ka unaupa ih fa thotho a si bet” a ti.

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