South Korea In Kum 80 Sungih An Ton Dah Lo Mi Tilik An Tong, Mi 7 An Thi Ih Mi 6 An Hlo

South Korea khawpi Seoul ah ruah nasa zetin a sur ciamco. August 8, 2022 zan ihsin nasa zetin ruah a sur, ṭek a tla ih nimthla a kau zukzo ih ti a lian.

Kum 80 sungah hivek ih ruahsur, tilian hi kan tong dah lo’ tin Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) in a phuang. Building tampi a siatsuah ih minung 400 lenglo cu an inn le lo an suahsanter.

Seoul ah minung 5 an thi ih Gyeonggi province ah minung 2 an thi. Minung 4 cu building sung tilik ah an pil that, pakhat cu meisa electri in a holh that, pakhat cu bus let in a nen that ih pakhat cu leimin ruangah a thi. Hliamtuar minung 9 an um ih minung 6 an hlo.

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