Tahan Ah Ralhrang Pawlin Meisa Bill Zohdiknak An Nei Vivo

Kalaymyo, Tahan ah ralhrang pawlin meisa bill (Electricity meter) zohdiknak an nei vivo. Tuizing May 23, 2022 zinglam ihsin innkhat hnu innkhat ah zohdiknak an nei.

Ralhrang pawl cu mipum 10 lenglo an si ih meithal, ralthuam kimcang an keng. Mithmutu pawlin RPG pukpi khal an keng an ti.

Mithmutu pakhat in, “Meter board an ra zoh hnuah tui thla ni 29 sun ah Electricity office ah ra uh an ti. Innsung ah an lut ih zohdiknak an nei. Meisa bill dil le thildang tumtahmi khal an nei thei” a ti.

Zarhkhat liamcia ihsin ralhrang pawlin Tahan le Taungphila vengsung ah innkhat hnu innkhat meisa bill zohdiknak an nei zo.

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