Thailand Misual Thiam Le Japan Misual Thiam An Sual Aw Ding, Fala Pawlin Japan Mi Cu An Rak Zukpi Ciamco

Thailand misual thiam hminthang Buakaw le Japan misual thiam suak thar Kota Miura (kum 20) cu August 19, 2022 sun ah an sual aw ding.

Thailand khawpi Bangkok, Rajadamnern Stadium hmun ah an sual aw ding. Zinglam nazi 9:00 ihsin an thok dingih sualawknak puai 8 aum ding, an sualawk lai cu online parah an pholang ding.

Kota Miura ih pa cu Japan ram bawlung sit thiam hminthang a si. Kum 40 mi Buakaw cu Thailand sualawk Muay Thai le kickboxing thiam a si. Kum 18 sung a cawl zo nan tu’ah sualawknak khawvel ah a kirsal.

August 16 sun ah Thailand ram ah an tong aw ih Japan misual thiam Kota Miura cu Thailand fala pawlin an rak zukpi ciamco ruangah Buakaw cu aum nuam lo.

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