Thantlang Ah Inn A Kang Sal, Meithal Awn Khal Theih A Si

Tuizing October 29, 2021 zinglam nazi 10:50AM hrawngah Thantlang khua ah inn a kang sal. “Inn kaannak cu Market, CB Bank kiang ihsin Pu Chan Ham tei inn tiang a kang zo an ti.

Pu Chan Ham tei inn le market karlakah inn 10 hrawng an um. Meithal awn khal pehtlaih in kan thei rero” tin khuami pakhat in a rel. Himi thuhla ah khua upa pakhat in “Misual Min Aung Hlaing naule pawl ih tuahmi ti cu a fiang.

Inn ziangzat a kang/ciam ti cu kan thei hrih lo, Thantlang cu innkhat le innkhat hi kan naiaw tuk ih innkang hi zohman in an mit lo ding ruangah inn tampi a siatsuah ding ti kan phang. Thlacamnak thawn in rak bawm cio uhlaw” a ti.

September 18, 2021 khalah Min Aung Hlaing naule pawlin Thantlang ah innáš­ha zetzet 18 le Hotel pakhat an rak urkang zo. (#The Hakha Times)

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