Thantlang Khuasung Doawknak Ah Ralhrang 6 An Thi Ih 8 In Hliam An Tuar

May 23, 2022 ah Chin State, Thantlang khuasung ah tualsung mipi ralkap CDF-Thantlang le ralhrang pawl an kapaw ih ralhrang 6 an thi, 8 in hliamhma an tuar.

Zinglam nazi 6:00 hrawngah ralhrang pawl cu Thantlang khuasung, ahmat (1) vengsung ah an va lut ih CDF-Thantlang thawn nasa zetin an kapaw. Sun nazi 2:00 luan tiang an kapaw ih CDF-Thantlang ralkap 4 in hliam an tuar, seherh um dinhmun cu an si lo.

Thantlang, ahmat (1) vengsung ih inn pawl cu urkang an si hrih lo, a himnak hmun a si. May 23 sun an kahawknak ah ralhrang pawlin vengsung inn pawl cu an urkang, inn tam zet an urkang ral. Inn ziangzat an urkang ti cu theihfiang a si hrih lo.

Ralhrang pawlin 2021 September thla ihsin May 23, 2022 tiangah Thantlang inn hi vei 28 an urkang. Biakinn 8 telin inn thawngkhat lenglo an urkang zo. Thantlang khua ah inn thawnghnih lenglo aum ih khuasung mipi a thawngtel cu raltlan in an um.

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