Thla 2 Sungah KNU In Ralhrang Kuthnuai Ih Cangvaitu BGF 130 Lenglo An That

Mon State le Kayin States ramri kiangkap ih um ralhrang kuthnuai ih cangvai rerotu BGF pawl cu thla 2 sungah tualsung mipi kilhimtu KNU in 139 an that thu an phuang. October le November thla 2 sungah vei tampi an kapaw ih BGF 139 an thi ih hliamtuar 106 an um.

KNLA thuphuangtu in, “October thla sung doawknak ah KNU in ralhrang le BGF 78 an that, 60 in hliam an tuar” a ti. October thla sung an doawknak ah ralhrang motor 9 an siatsuah ih ralhrang motor 4, meithal pakhat le cerek bawm 9 cu KNLA in an laksak.

October thla sung an doawknak ah mipi kilhimtu KNLA ralkap 2 an thi, ralhrang in meithal an kap ciamco ruangah khuasung mi pakhat an kap that ih pahnih in hliam an tuar.

November thla sungah cun ralhrang le BGF tangtlang in KNU/KNLA pawl thawn vei 38 an doaw, bomb puahawk hi vei 8 a thleng. November thla sung an dowaknak ah ralhrang kuthnuai ih cangvai rerotu BGF 61 an thi ih 46 in hliam an tuar. Mipi kilhimtu pakhat ih lu ah an kap ngah nan thinphang um dinhmun a si nawn lo, a damṭha zo.

November thla sung an doawknak ah tualsung mipi kilhimtu KNLA in ralhrang motor ke 6 nei 4, Toyota Vigo motor 3 an siatsuah. Cun ralhrang tlangleng lamzin pakhat, cetzung pakhat, Mytel Tower pakhat, ralhrang ralthuam retnak building pakhat cu KNLA in an siatsuah. Ralhrang pawl ih bomb tum LOT14 lung 5 khal an laksak thu an tarlang.

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