Tuizing Lawngah Kalaymyo Covid-19 Mithi 8 An Um

Tuizing June 10, 2021 zinglam ah Kalaymyo ah Covid-19 damlo 8 an thih thu theih a si.

Kalaymyo Covid Volunteer pakhat in “Tuisun ah mithi 8 an um, minung 28 an thi zo. Covid center ah 4 an thi, Wesley siizung ah 1, inn ah 1, siizungpi ah 2 an thi” a ti.

Kalaymyo ramsung ah Covid-19 in minung 28 an thi zo, siizung ah dam lo 220 an tuamhlawm rero lai. Center lamah 180 cu tuamhlawm an si ih cumi sung ihsin damlo bese seherh um khal an um.

Kalaymyo ramsung ah Covid-19 ih thi an pung deuhdeuh, tulai Thaphan Ai le Tumar khua khalah nathrik kai an tam zet.

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