President In, “NATO Kaihruaitu Cu Russia Maw Si?” A Ti

Russia le Ukraine ram cu an doaw rero lai, NATO pawlin ralthuam tenau le khamawknak ralthuam pawl cu Ukraine hnenah an kuat. Asinan, ralthuam picang a simi tank, doawknak vanzam, pukpi tipawl cu an kuat lo.

Ukraine president in, “Ni 31 sung kan doaw rero zo, NATO hnen ihsin ralthuam pawl kan hngak ringring lai. NATO pawl ziang nan tuah lai? NATO kaihruaitu cu Russia maw si? Nan neihmi one percent tank, doawknak vanzam pawl lawng kan lo dil, thildang zianghman kan lo dil lo” a ti.

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