US Ah Chinmi Ar Vulhnak Innpi A Kang

US, Georgia state ih um Pi Tum Ṭial tei ar vulhnak innpi pakhat cu August 3, 2022 zing ah a kang. A kang thoknak hi an theifiang hrih lo.

Meitat le ṭuanvo neitu pawl cun meisa vannak Generator ihsin a kang thok a si men thei’ an ti. Ar vulhnak innpi 4 aum, inn pakhat hi pi 400 in a sau ih pi 40 in a kau. Inn pakhat ah ar 20,500 an vulh.

Ar vulhnak inn pakhat a kang ih a sungih um ar pawl an kang that thluh. Pi Tum Ṭial cu Thantlang peng Vomkua khuami a si. Kan dungte ah a pasal in mual a liamsan ih a fale 5 thawn an khuasa.

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