Wifi Hri An Tuah Laiah Electric In Chin Tlangval A Holh That

Rakhine State, Sittwe khua ah mino 3 cu Wifi hri an tuah rero laiah Electric in a holh (laih) ih mino 1 a thi, 2 in hliam an tuar.

Mithi cu kum 31 mi Ko Thein Tun Naing a si. Chin State, Paletwa khuami a si ih Rakhine ram ah aum. Hliamtuar 2 cu kum 22 mi Ko Maung Htay le kum 31 mi Ko Tun Chay an si.

Hliamtuar 2 cu siizung ah an tuamhlawm rero lai ih an dinhmun khal a ziaum zo. Hliamtuar 2 cu Sittwe khuami veve an si. Rakhine ramsung ah Chin raltlan tamzet an um.

Mibawmtu pawlkom in, “June 30 sun nazi 3:20 ah Wifi hri an tuah rero ih cansualnak an tong ih Electric in a holh. Siizung ah kan phur ih siizung kan thleng zawn ah pakhat a thi” a ti. May thla sungah Sittwe ramsung ah mi 5 cu Electric in a holh that, mithi pakhat cu raltlan a si.

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